Where Fashion Meets Philanthropy

What if we told you that you don’t have to choose between spending money on yourself and supporting others? It’s possible, when you shop with Certantees.


Wait, what? You really sell graphic t-shirts that donate to charity?

Totes. We’re a socially conscious t-shirt company that donates to charity for you! So you can focus on shopping for fun events like bachelorette parties, creating your own custom graphic t-shirt designs, and/or raising awareness of the nonprofits you love through stylish charity t-shirts. Our shirt designs are as diverse as the causes you support. If you’re all about the buy-one-give-one approach and conscious capitalism, then we’re a match made in graphic tee heaven.

You + Cute AF t-shirts that donate to charity = Shopping that feels and looks fantastic!

Certantees soups up the power of your purchases by giving a percentage of every t-shirt sale to the cause of your choice. All the charity t-shirts for sale on our site support the issues you’re passionate about—from social justice to education to disaster relief. It’s the ultimate BOGO.




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