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It Takes All Kinds - High Top Shoes


Hey, can we interest you in a pair of the most adorbs high-tops EVER? “It Takes All Kinds” high-tops are the ideal way to set off all kinds of outfits, from casual t-shirt-and-jeans looks to short, body-skimming summer dresses. They also spread a crucial message: people on the autism spectrum deserve acceptance everywhere they go!  Made from a canvas double-sided print, "It Takes All Kinds" high-tops feature lace-up closure for a snug fit as well as high-quality EVA outsoles. Five percent of the proceeds from each pair sold can go to charities that advocate for people with autism if you...

It Takes All Kinds Leggings


Even though millions of people have autism, folks on the spectrum are not always treated with the respect they deserve. Advocate for more autism acceptance by wearing “It Takes All Kinds” leggings!  These funny, sunny leggings make the point that we're all perfect just as we are. Made from premium fabric, they're comfy enough to lounge in yet durable enough for yoga class. Plus, 5% of the proceeds of each pair you buy can go to charities that help people on the spectrum. Simply select “Autism Awareness” when you check out. Cute leggings + funding for autism charities = everyone winning!...

It Takes All Kinds Shoulder Bag


Let's face it: you can never own too many bags. And, if you're a purse aficionado, you'll find the "It Takes All Kinds" shoulder bag especially hard to resist. Made from water-resistant premium PU leather, its inclusive sunshine-y design has the power to brighten even the greyest winter day. Quality stitching gives the "It Takes All Kinds" shoulder bag incredible durability, while the multi-compartment interior ensures that you stay organized.   In case you need yet another reason to snag this bag, 5% of each one you buy can go to a charity that benefits people with autism. Select “Autism Awareness”...



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