Support Breast Cancer Awareness with Charity T-Shirts for a Cause

FEATURED CHARITY: American Breast Cancer Foundation

The American Breast Cancer Foundation has been coming through for patients since 1997, covering the cost of breast cancer screenings and tests for those who need the help. Whether patients need mammograms, breast ultrasounds, or medical consultations, the American Breast Cancer Foundation has their backs, helping them out with direct financial assistance.

Today, the American Breast Cancer Foundation can proudly claim it’s given out more than 46,000 grants through its Breast Cancer Assistance Program.

You can be part of this life-saving work! After stocking up on wardrobe essentials, choose the American Breast Cancer Foundation’s name at checkout, and part of your Certantees purchase will be donated to this wonderful cause.


Breast cancer is common, affecting 1 in 8 women. The sooner it’s caught, the easier it is to treat. So diagnosing it early is key. Sadly, not everyone is able to get tested when they should, because they don’t have insurance or don’t realize they’re at risk.

If you’d like to work with Certantees to raise awareness of breast cancer and fund more breast cancer screenings, then keep reading! We’ve come up with a few immediate actions you can take to become a breast cancer awareness ally:

  • Shop Our Charity T-Shirts

    Want to get some new daytime things and sponsor a breast cancer charity? When you buy any of Certantees’ shamelessly stylish graphic tees, 5% of the purchase price goes to a breast cancer nonprofit.

  • Participate in a Fundraising Event—or Throw Your Own!

    Fundraisers like Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure take place in every state. You can find a local Race for the Cure event to join, or you could convince your girl gang to throw a charity event of your own, such as a 5K walk, a bake sale, or a $35-per-head costumed cocktail party. (We’re voting for that last one!)

  • Share Your Breast Cancer Awareness Designs

    Are you a part of a local breast cancer support group or breast cancer awareness nonprofit? Cook up your own branded t-shirt design so that your community can flaunt its love for your crew!

  • Build a HOPE Kit

    Created by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, HOPE Kits are care packages filled with gifts that breast cancer patients find comforting, such as herbal tea, fuzzy socks, and lip balm. Buy items on the HOPE Kit wish list and the Foundation will send them to the patients who need them.



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