Support Cancer Research Charities with Charity T-Shirts for a Cause

FEATURED CHARITY: American Cancer Society

When low-income cancer patients need rides to treatment, live phone assistance, or free lodging near their treatment centers, the American Cancer Society (ACS) is there. Since its founding in 1913, the ACS has grown into an organization with more than 250 regional offices across the United States, each one dedicated to supplying local cancer patients with the care they need.

The ACS is also extremely committed to cancer research. It’s invested more than $4.8 billion in this cause to date. Thanks to breakthroughs that the ACS helped fund, 2.1 million fewer people died of cancer between 1991 and 2014. Currently, these innovative treatments prevent 500 cancer deaths each day. How amazing is that?

If you’re interested in sponsoring the ACS’s vital research, buy a graphic t-shirt or upload a custom cancer research t-shirt design below. Remember that 5% of proceeds from every Certantees purchase you make goes toward this spectacular cancer research nonprofit.


We all know someone who’s been affected by cancer; perhaps it’s even touched your own life. Luckily, there’s so much you can do to help end cancer! Here are some ideas to get involved:

  • Purchase a Cancer Research T-Shirt

    With Certantees, 5% of the price of every custom graphic tee you buy goes directly to a cancer research charity. While we rotate which cancer research charities we support, your devotion to contributing to this cause will always make an impact.

  • Join a Relay for Life Event

    Relay for Life events get people fired up about physical activity while raising money for cancer research at the same time! Find Relay for Life events in your area by entering your ZIP code.

  • Design Your Own Cancer Awareness T-Shirt or Cancer Charity T-shirt

    Do you have an inspirational AF cancer research shirt idea? Upload your cancer research t-shirt design and make a custom tee.

  • Sign Up to Drive Cancer Patients to and from Treatment

    Many cancer patients need a hand getting to their appointments. You can help out by signing up as a driver with the Road to Recovery program. Just a couple hours of your time each week can make a huge difference!



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