Support Disaster Relief Charities with Charity T-Shirts for a Cause

FEATURED CHARITY: Americares Disaster Relief

Have you ever heard of Americares? It’s got the coolest story! Americares was started in 1979 by Bob Macauley and his wife Leila, who wanted to help orphans stranded by a plane crash in the jungle outside Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam. That rescue led to others, and today, Americares provides disaster relief assistance to more than 160 countries, including the U.S. When emergencies hit, Americares helps, saving lives and offering food and medicine to families devastated by poverty and natural disasters.

Since its first rescue, Americares has devoted more than $15 billion to humanitarian aid. Impressively, 97% of Americares’ total expenses directly support programs and relief for people in need, with only 3% of its budget going toward administrative costs! That means every dollar you donate to Americares has an incredibly powerful impact.

If you’d like to help Americares deliver valuable disaster relief to communities in crisis, then treat yourself to a graphic tee or partner with us to make your own disaster relief charity t-shirt design. Either way, when you choose “donate to Americares” during checkout, 5% of your purchase will fund its extraordinary work!


Some communities have the resources to address emergencies like wildfires and hurricanes. Unfortunately, others do not. When tragedy strikes, these communities need food, water, and medical services, so that precious lives aren’t lost.

That’s why disaster rescue organizations are so tremendously important. But you get that! Let’s skip ahead to the part where you find out how to get involved with this heroic work:

  • Shop Our Charity T-Shirts

    Are you in the market for a flossy t-shirt that gives back? Buy one of our bold graphic t-shirt designs and 5% of your purchase will go toward a prominent disaster rescue charity.

  • Give to the World Food Program

    Since 1962, the World Food Program (WFP) has provided 15 billion meals to more than 90 million people in areas stricken by famine, war, and other disasters. Contribute to its life-saving work by becoming a monthly donor. Even your extra $5 is a meaningful gift, since WFP’s average meal cost is 50 cents per person.

  • Develop Your Own Disaster Relief Charity Shirt Idea

    You’re creative. We’re a socially-conscious t-shirt company … maybe we should be working together? Upload your original disaster charity relief shirt designs and we’ll professionally produce them so that you can sell them at your next fundraiser!

  • Get in Touch with Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity works with local communities to solve the housing needs that arise after natural disasters. The nonprofit helps folks rebuild their houses when it’s possible, and when it’s not, the team builds them new houses! You don’t have to be a building expert—anyone can be of help to its projects. Learn more here.



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