Support Healthy Families Charities with Charity T-Shirts for a Cause

FEATURED CHARITY: Children’s Defense Fund

Supported by celebrities like Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon, and LeBron James, the Children's Defense Fund (CDF) helps kids through scholarships, mentoring programs, and youth leadership initiatives. It also influences key politicians to ensure low-income children have access to urgently needed resources, such as food, housing, and medical services.

Under the leadership of civil rights icon Marian Wright Edelman, the CDF has successfully fought to expand Medicaid to cover children with disabilities, ban housing discrimination against families with kids, and increase funding for programs that help parents recover from drug abuse.

If you want to help kids enjoy happier, healthier lives, then chip in to the Children’s Defense Fund by buying a bangin’ new graphic tee.


You probably already know that many families today experience a number of challenges, from poverty to homelessness to violence. Well, we’re sick of it! Want to collaborate on changing the game for American kids? If you’re motivated to stand up for healthy families, then here’s what you can do:

  • Buy an Inclusive Families or Child Abuse Prevention T-Shirt

    When you buy one of Certantees’ lit new t-shirt designs, 5% of the purchase price is sent to a nonprofit that helps families thrive.

  • Tell Congress to End Homelessness by Funding Homeless Assistance Grants

    To get re-homed, homeless families need you to do them a solid. If you want to end homelessness for American kids, then write your congresspeople about the need to put more cash toward family support.

  • Create a Healthy Families T-Shirt

    Use your creativity for a cause. Design an original t-shirt for a local nonprofit that celebrates inclusive families or advocates for child abuse prevention. Not only will you be stacking papers for that nonprofit, but 5% of the price of every item you buy will be given to a charity that offers family support.

  • Sign Up for Text Alerts from Moms Demand Action

    Moms Demand Action is a nonpartisan grassroots movement that stands up for better gun laws. You don’t have to be a mom or a gun-hater to sign up; all you need is to be in favor of sensible gun laws that support healthy families. Sign up to get texted about actions you can take to stop gun violence in your community.



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