Combine Custom T-Shirts with Charity Fundraising!


Are you here because you need personalized t-shirts for a beloved cause or special event? You’re in luck! Certantees makes two kinds of luxe custom graphic tees for women:

  1. Charity T-Shirts for Events

    If you need custom t-shirts for an event—such as a bachelorette party, corporate retreat, or fabulous glamping trip—then Certantees can help you pay tribute to your group! Even better, we’ll donate 5% of each t-shirt’s purchase price to the cause of your choosing. Custom t-shirts + charity fundraising = win-win.

  2. Charity T-Shirts for Causes

    Have a killer idea for a t-shirt for a cause? We’d love to help you make it. Not only that, but since Certantees is always looking for new twists on custom graphic tees for women, we may want to put your idea into wider production.

    If your t-shirt concept applies to one of our featured causes — autism awareness, cancer research, diabetes awareness, disaster relief, social causes, family issues, breast cancer awareness, or literacy — then we may ask if we can offer your design to other people in our community. Either way, your stunning t-shirt design will help people get access to the vital resources they need!

All you have to do is tell us which t-shirt style and size(s) you want, and then upload your art. We’ll do the rest.

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