Create Custom Charity T-Shirts for Your Favorite Nonprofits

Want to make it rain for a cause that we aren't featuring, such as a grassroots community group, your kid’s school, or a local nonprofit?

Whether you want to save the rainforest or build a new skate park, Certantees can help you put together a kickass charity t-shirt that will both plug and fund your cause. You think it up and we’ll make it happen!

To produce your charity t-shirts, we’ll need some deets. Ready to dig in?

  • First things first: Head on over to Customize a T-shirt Choose your t-shirt model and color.

  • Next, upload your design.

  • Help us make sure that we spell everything right by typing in the t-shirt’s text?

  • Specify how many shirts you need.

  • Select sizes.

  • Thanks again for choosing Certantees as your t-shirts-for-a-cause wingwoman! If you have any questions, please hit up customer service at



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